As a female-led brand, we feel it is our mission to introduce you to inspiring women who choose to wear Giarité. Meet our first Giarité girl, Samantha Borges.


In September 2022, our team decided to start shooting the very first episode of SHE IS GIARITÉ during Paris Fashion Week.

Meet Samantha Borges (@sambinaa), a fashion & beauty content creator from Montreal, Canada. Known for her impeccable style and for her vibrant personality, she has already started conquering the world of high fashion, repeatedly visiting NYFW and PFW. Featured in WWD as one of the fastest-growing beauty influencers of 2022, Samantha stays humble as she continues to grow her personal brand with passion and hard work.

We met Samantha for a coffee at Café Kitsuné and were instantly mesmerised by her style and charisma. After indulging into passionfruit macarons from the iconic Ladurée patisserie, we went for a walk down the 1st arrondissement of Paris and explored the city of lights.


What inspired you to become a content creator?

I pursued content creation because I feel like social media is a medium where you can express any talent, any level of creativity you have in one place and just find a community of people that resonate with everything you’re interested in and with what you feel like have to offer.

Describe your style in three words.

Minimal, confident, ever-evolving.


Who is your fashion icon? Why?

So, I have two fashion icons, because I absolutely cannot choose. And that would be, Naomi Campbell and Zendaya. Two completely different generations, both ground-breaking, and both leading the way for us, POC ladies.

What should a modern brand be like?

Unique, everyone is making a lot of the same things. It would be nice to have something to set you apart. Sustainable. And, above all for me, diverse because representation is key.


What are the qualities of your dream bag?

The qualities I’m looking for in a bag is… Eye-catching and practical, because I need more than a credit card on me.

Why did you choose GIARITÉ?

Because diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but I guess now so is silver.

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