Giarité is a vegan & cruelty-free luxury fashion brand dedicated to empowering women and elevating the luxury experience through positive impacts.

As a female-led company, we understand the modern woman’s desire for luxury, minimalism, and guilt-free statement pieces. We believe that fashion should never involve cruelty, which is why Giarité is dedicated to leading the industry toward a more eco-conscious and cruelty-free direction, benefiting both humans and animals.


Our journey started with a spark, and that spark was named “BRILLY.” In August 2021, we launched the BRILLY crystal bucket bag, a statement piece that quickly captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. BRILLY didn’t just make waves; it went viral, setting a new standard for luxury fashion. However, with success came imitation, as smaller and bigger brands attempted to replicate its brilliance.

In the midst of this incredible journey, we uncovered something profound – what our customers truly cherished. Beyond the crystals and glamour, they fell in love with a piece that allowed their inner confidence to shine, making them glow from within. BRILLY became more than a fashion statement; it became a symbol of empowerment.

Today, we’re expanding our crystal handbag collection line, creating more dazzling pieces that let your inner radiance shine through. Simultaneously, we’re diligently working on a timeless classic bag collection, promising enduring elegance that withstands trends.

Join us on this journey as we move toward a more compassionate and sustainable future while redefining luxury fashion with pieces that empower, inspire, and make you shine, both inside and out.