Who are we

We are a vegan & cruelty-free luxury accessories brand dedicated to paving the way for an ethical future in the fashion industry.

Founded, owned, and led by women, Giarite knows exactly what a modern woman need, - luxury, minimalist and guilt-free accessories.




Born in Romania and raised in Spain from the age of 9, Georgia has always been a creative visionary. As a child, she used to spend her days drawing portraits of house guests and getting inspired by the photography of the early 2000s fashion magazines. After graduating high school, Georgia moved to London, where she spent many years working in the technological field. Unsatisfied with her inability to express herself visually and creatively, Georgia realized her true passion lay within the creative industry.

Full of determination to pursue a new career, she started studying Fashion Design and Marketing at the University of the Arts, which has always been her plan B. During those years, Georgia began blogging on WordPress to express herself creatively.

As the world of influencer marketing was slowly developing and it seemed like there was so much to learn— Georgia felt the need to fulfill her potential. So, after years of working with brands, overseeing their marketing, and honing her photography skills, she gathered all of the experience gained through the evolution of social media and applied it to her first business: a marketing agency. Through her first business and experiences over the year, Georgia has worked with established brands and helped startups develop their identity and market their products correctly.

Having immersed herself in the world of marketing and fashion in her early 20s, Georgia decided to pursue her biggest dream— building a luxury brand that gives back to animals while utilizing her talents for creating beautiful cruelty-free designs and promotional campaigns that connect with customers on an emotional level.

Because of combining these two passions with her ambition to revolutionise traditional material sourcing and work practices, Georgia believes anyone can make a positive change in the world.


We deliver elegant, vintage-inspired handbags designed for women who strive to find a statement piece that matches their shine. Consciously designed in Paris with guilt-free mindset, our products are 100% vegan & cruelty-free.

There is nothing more powerful than a woman wearing fashion she believes in.

We believe that cruelty-free should be a standard, not an option. Here at Giarite, we strive to bring environmental change and innovation to the global fashion industry. We work on-demand and with very little stock to avoid unnecessary waste. As we grow as a brand, we will lean towards a fully sustainable product range.

We aim to ensure sustainability throughout the production process, ensuring that you and our planet are taken care of.


As a brand inspired by the forms and textures of nature, the combination of cruelty-free and sustainable production is at the very core of our vision & purpose. We strive to bring environmental change and innovation to the global industry by demonstrating that ethical fashion can be affordable without sacrificing sustainability.